We are very pleased to say that we were the first host for the first ever World ParaDarts and World Inclusio ParaDarts European Trophy.


This was held in the North Belfast Working Men's Club, 32 Danube Street, Belfast, BT13 1RT.


The event saw a teams event, a pairs event and a singles event, from the 16th - 19th November 2023.


We are very proud to say that during this tournament, we managed to come out with 2 champions and a runner up. The singles event saw Tommy Dillon finish runner  up, gaining a silver medal! The pairs would then go one better, with Matthew Curry and Tommy Dillon, becoming the first ever World Inclusio  European Trophy pairs champions!


This tournament was a long time in preparation, but it was worth the wait! Please go to our European Trophy Preparation page to see pictures of the journey from the start of making the stands to the end of the journey, you will see from that just how much of a success it was!


We thank all our sponsors who made this all possible, especially The North Club, without their support we could not have made this all happen, we are very proud to have had you on board with us for this history making moment!


European Trophy Details (worldparadarts.com)